Professional portfolio of housekeeping products

Perceptions are quickly formed about a hotel’s cleanliness based on what you see, smell, feel, taste and hear. Studies show that among all the problems experienced by guests, unclean rooms have the greatest negative impact on satisfaction.

Nothing repels guests more than poor housekeeping. Your hotel’s cleanliness immediately sets the tone for quality, while showing guests how much you care about them and your business.

According to studies, negative guest review can lose hotels around 30 guests , and it’s not surprising this can have severe consequences in revenue losses.

Good housekeeping provides a proactive way to enhance the guest experience and improve your bottom line.

We have developed simple and easy to implement solutions that provide an answer to all your specific cleaning & hygiene challenges.

Our Room Guard Pro range of super-concentrate, auto-dosed, colour-coded chemical cleaning products will optimize your cleaning processes, resulting in quality results and cost-effective operations.

We work with you to reduce your consumption of resources and help lessen your environmental impact while maintaining operational efficiency & effectiveness.