We providing patient, staff and visitor safety, with environmental sustainability.

Healthcare facilities, Educational facilities, Transport hub’s & Terminals, Sports Stadiums, Retail and Commercial centers all have their own cleaning and sanitation challenges. We help keep your facility clean and operating efficiently with solutions to maintain and protect.

Operational Efficiency

We look at the entire cost of cleaning supplies, quality to capital, and provide solutions that help make your operations leaner, greener and more cost-efficient.

Continuous Innovation

To help businesses move faster, we continuously innovate on product systems, methodologies and support, sharing our market knowledge to provide the right solutions at the right time.

Green Housekeeping

Guard Pro helps you achieve your green objectives with a variety of products and programs to support your LEED certification, or simply the desire to make your building a healthier place for staff and visitors. These programs include:

  • A Certified Green Housekeeping program that incorporates 3rd party certified products, application training, and staff certification. Our staff training courses all count towards your LEED certification points.
  • Our manufacturing licence partnership with Rochester Midland Corporation provides green housekeeping products which are ECO LOGO and GREEN SEAL accredited, which all count towards your LEED certification points.