Protecting Your Livestock & Investment

Farmers today are more aware than ever before that the environment in which animals are kept is vitally important to their health, productivity and performance.

Whilst farmers can ensure that stress levels are as low as possible by keeping stocking densities, dust and bacteria levels under control, it is vital that a fully comprehensive Bio-security program is followed to reduce the risk of infection.

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Poultry Bio-Security

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Dairy Farm Bio-Security


Comprehensive Farm Bio-security Program

Disease can cause financial losses not only as a result of high mortality rates but also because of poor feed conversion ratios in livestock that are struggling to fight off infection.

Disease challenges present a major threat to profitable poultry production, especially on integrated farms.

Our world-leading Bio-security program for integrated farms covers effective protocols with a complete range of products for Poultry Farm Bio-security from Farm Entrance Control to Hatcheries and through to Broiler Houses, all conforming to the toughest international disinfection standards and proven effective to protect your flock and investment.

One essential element of a successful bio-security programme is the use of high efficacy, wide-spectrum disinfectants capable of killing pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi which cause the major livestock diseases.

Applications include:

  • Farm entrance control
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Livestock housing- Surface Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Litter disinfection in the presence of live animals
  • Pathogen Fumigation
  • Disinfection of Water Drinkers and distribution piping
  • Slaughterhouse Applications